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High School Football Team doesn’t Punt, does Onside Kicks

In a great Grantland video on Pulaski Academy, this football team doesn’t punt on 4th down and doesn’t do long kickoffs. Coach Kevin Kelley embraced a Harvard study, where a researcher talked about how punts do not change games in your favor.

coach kelley

For example, he pointed out that when his opponents get the ball inside their 10-20 yard line, the scoring chances for a touchdown is 92%. When he would punt the ball, the scoring chance falls to 72%. In his words, it is still giving points to the opponent. Why not go and try to score yourself instead of giving up free points?

He has a point.

The video explains much better than I could, so here you go:


Worst High School Football Season in Maryland? Maybe

A friend of mine posted a question on Twitter about a local Maryland high school football team in Montgomery County, which is my high school alma mater. Here’s his Retweet of a friend of his:

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 5.20.31 PM

It got me thinking, are they THAT bad?! So I took a look online at the Washington Post and found the following graphic:

magruder hs football 2013

After crunching some numbers, here’s what I found out:

  • Col. Zadok Magruder’s football team has been outscored ¬†342-63,¬†with 41 of the 63 points coming vs. Rockville (a 64-41 loss).
  • They’ve scored in only FOUR of nine games.
  • They have a 1-8 record, 0-4 in conference.
  • They have one game remaining in the season, but missed out on a game vs. Wheaton, which is another struggling team sitting at 0-5 in conference play, 1-8 overall.
  • Wheaton may have an identical record, but there’s several key differences: they’ve only been outscored 294-76 and scored in all but two of their nine games (unlike Magruder).

Verdict: It’s not the WORST season in Montgomery County high school football history, but it’s one of the worst in recent memory.