Name That QB

One of my favorite drills is to look at statistics, but to guess whose stats is whose. So let’s take a look at 3 starting NFL QB’s and see who is surprisingly good this 2015 NFL season.

nfl shield

Completion % — Yards — Yards per game — TDs/INTs — Sacks

QB 1: 65.8% — 3,705 — 285 — 17/14 — 26

QB 2: 57.5% — 3,524 — 271.1 — 30/13 — 39

QB 3: 62.6% — 3,027 — 252.2 — 16/7 — 19




QB 1 is often heralded as a great regular season quarterback, but just can’t do it in the postseason and plays in a dome for home games. He came into the league from Boston College and for a couple years, played with future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez. He plays in the NFC South division.

QB 2 was considered a project when he was drafted in the top five in his draft class and was a late bloomer at a smaller Power 5 school in Florida. His numbers have exploded this year for his yearly cellar-dwelling team in Florida in the AFC South division.

QB 3 is the prototypical gunslinger, often criticized by both fans and media for his laid-back attitude. He played at Vanderbilt before being drafted by Denver (not his current team). He plays in the NFC North division and is married to a former reality TV star.

Answers? Any guesses?



Matt Ryan, Blake Bortles, Jay Cutler




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Fun loving, D.C. area sports fan, which means I'm frustrated and still can't get a grip on what a win truly means (or a championship for that matter).

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