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Name that WR

I’m having too much fun with this stats game, but I hope you’re enjoying it as well. This time, we’re looking at 3 great WR’s in the league.

nfl shield

Catches — receiving yards — yards per game — yards per catch — TDs

WR 1: 66 — 1,084 — 83.4 — 16.4 — 12

WR 2: 61 — 860 — 66.2 — 14.1 — 11

WR 3: 96 — 1,088 — 83.7 — 11.3 — 7



WR 1 is one of two receivers with a first name of Allen on his team in Florida, a yearly bottom-feeder in the AFC South division. He is a second-year pro and whose alma mater was Penn State.

WR 2 has been with the same team since his professional debut in 2011 after heading to the draft from Stanford. He’s having a breakout season with Russell Wilson at the helm of his team.

WR 3 is probably a future Hall of Fame WR and has played for the same team for his entire career in Arizona. He’s made one Super Bowl appearance and is widely known as a top receiver who can catch any ball thrown in his direction.






Allen Robinson, Doug Baldwin, Larry Fitzgerald


Name that RB

Stats don’t lie! Let’s take a look at 3 starting RB’s numbers this 2015 season and have fun with this.

nfl shield

Rushing yards — yards per game — yards per carry — TDs

RB 1: 1,023 — 85.2 — 4.9 — 9

RB 2: 951 — 73.2 — 4.1 — 7

RB 3: 773 — 59.5 — 4.7 — 8



RB 1 is a rookie and was a first-round draft pick in the last draft. In college, he played for the University of Georgia and was injured in the season before he went pro.

RB 2 is a hard-nosed RB that plays in the Big Apple. An undrafted free agent when he came into the league in 2010, he’s the feature running back for an AFC East team that wears green and white.

RB 3 is a veteran RB who is playing well for an AFC North team, trying to replace the team’s starting RB who was lost to injury earlier this year. He played at Memphis in his college days and had only played for one team in Carolina until this season.






Todd Gurley, Chris Ivory, DeAngelo Williams

Name That QB

One of my favorite drills is to look at statistics, but to guess whose stats is whose. So let’s take a look at 3 starting NFL QB’s and see who is surprisingly good this 2015 NFL season.

nfl shield

Completion % — Yards — Yards per game — TDs/INTs — Sacks

QB 1: 65.8% — 3,705 — 285 — 17/14 — 26

QB 2: 57.5% — 3,524 — 271.1 — 30/13 — 39

QB 3: 62.6% — 3,027 — 252.2 — 16/7 — 19




QB 1 is often heralded as a great regular season quarterback, but just can’t do it in the postseason and plays in a dome for home games. He came into the league from Boston College and for a couple years, played with future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez. He plays in the NFC South division.

QB 2 was considered a project when he was drafted in the top five in his draft class and was a late bloomer at a smaller Power 5 school in Florida. His numbers have exploded this year for his yearly cellar-dwelling team in Florida in the AFC South division.

QB 3 is the prototypical gunslinger, often criticized by both fans and media for his laid-back attitude. He played at Vanderbilt before being drafted by Denver (not his current team). He plays in the NFC North division and is married to a former reality TV star.

Answers? Any guesses?



Matt Ryan, Blake Bortles, Jay Cutler