My Really Bad #NFL Predictions for 2014!

It’s always humbling to look back at your predictions and just think, “What the heck was I thinking?!” But hey, that’s blogging and writing in general, so whatever. Let’s take a look at what I said at the start of this past NFL season.

aaron rodgers

NFC predictions:

  • NFC East: Philadelphia “Barnstorming Chip Kelly Offense” Eagles
  • NFC South: New Orleans “WHO DAT DREW BREES” Saints
  • NFC North: Green Bay “It’s Freaking Cold and We’ll Beat You Anyway” Packers
  • NFC West: Seattle “We Grab You and Will Get Flagged for It” Seahawks
  • Wild cards:
    • Washington “We Don’t Care About the Media-Created Nickname Controversy”
    • Atlanta “Matty Ice Means Only One Playoff Win” Falcons

AFC predictions:

  • AFC East: New England Patriots, or just the Bill Brady’s or Tom Belichicks
  • AFC South: J.J. Watts, Jadeveon Clowney and Houston Texans
  • AFC North: Cincinnati “We Have a Ginger as our QB” Bengals
  • AFC West: DenverLet’s Win Peyton Another Title” Broncos
  • Wild cards:
    • Kansas City “Our Coach Looks Like the Kool-Aid Guy” Chiefs
    • Indianapolis “Cue the LUCK-Y Headlines” Colts

Think those picks were bad? Check out my playoff bracket:

NFC Conference Championship: Eagles-Saints

AFC Conference Championship: Patriots-Broncos

Super Bowl match-up: Broncos-Eagles

Super Bowl Champion: Broncos

So here’s what I got right:

  1. The Packers won the NFC North (and Jordy Nelson made a case this season to have a statue at Lambeau Field, next to Aaron Rodgers)
  2. The Seattle won the NFC West
  3. The Patriots won the AFC East
  4. The Broncos the AFC West

What I got wrong? LOTS:

  • The Cowboys won the NFC East, not the Eagles
  • The Redskins and Falcons crashed in spectacular fashion and didn’t even make .500
  • Colts won the division and the Texans barely missed out
  • Cincinnati couldn’t beat Pittsburgh for the AFC North division title
  • The New Orleans Saints are doing their best “Aints” impression the last couple seasons
  • The Ravens squeaked into the playoffs and the Chiefs did not

russell wilson


*Editor’s note: I erroneously said the Chiefs made the playoffs, but the Ravens and Bengals did instead. Thanks to Garrett for pointing that out!


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