NFL AFC Preview for 2014

Going off of our NFL NFC preview, let’s take on the AFC for this upcoming season!

patriots alternate

AFC East:

1. New England Patriots, or just the Bill Brady’s or Tom Belichicks: They’re just too good, do I have to elaborate why? Plus, it’s Tom Brady’s second year with his newer WR corps and Darrelle Revis is on the other side of the ball. Cash money, hello playoffs.

2-4 Who Cares (but it’ll be New York Jets cuz of Michael Vick’s offense, Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills)

AFC North:

andy dalton

1. Cincinnati “We Have a Ginger as our QB” Bengals: The Bengals are poised to make the playoffs for a second straight season, and although they got a lot of flack for re-signing QB Andy Dalton (who disappears in the playoffs) they will beat their division opponents enough to make the playoffs as the division’s top dog.

2. Pittsburgh “In Mike Tomlin and Big Ben We Trust, Really?” Steelers: Big Ben isn’t the same and neither is the team. It’s not a rebuilding project, but could be a couple injuries away from that. Troy Polamalu’s best years are behind him, the defense is trying to get younger, but it’s not enough in this division.

3. The Fighting Joe Flaccos (just kidding, the Baltimore Ravens): Flacco’s awful year last season, where he threw TWENTY-TWO picks, has to be put behind him. With Torrey Smith and Dennis Pitta as his primary targets, Flacco shouldn’t repeat last year. But, his fat contract wasn’t worth it. The defense is so-so and they lost Ray Rice to a two-game suspension due to domestic violence, so they’ll be in the bottom half this year.

4. Last and always least, the Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel may start by midseason, but they lost top receiver Josh Gordon to marijuana use and failing a drug test for the umpteenth time. Nothing to see here, it’s Cleveland.

AFC South:

jj watt

1. The J.J. Watts, Jadeveon Clowney and Houston Texans: I think they’ll be like the 2007 New York Giants, whose pass russ led them to a title. It’s a scary defensive line and I know Colts QB Andrew Luck will be having nightmares. Plus, they somehow got Andre Johnson to stay this year. They’ll fight their way out of the AFC South.

2. Indianapolis “Cue the LUCK-Y Headlines” Colts: I like Andrew Luck, don’t get me wrong. But, I don’t know if he’s consistent enough to lead them to the playoffs. Last year’s up-and-down season got me thinking twice before anointing him as the Second Coming of Peyton Manning.

3. Tennessee “Anything But” Titans: An inconsistent Jake Locker at QB and an older RB in Chris Johnson? I’m not impressed by this team on paper and no one will be impressed on the field either.

4. Jacksonville “Let’s Air Red Zone Games on the Big Screen During Our Home Games” Jaguars: Yes, they’re actually doing that during their home games. But, they have a great prospect in Blake Bortles as their QB of the future and have Chad Henne to keep the team together in the meantime. A rebuilding project, for sure.

AFC West:

peyton manning

1. Denver “Let’s Win Peyton Another Title” Broncos: No need to say anything more, right? Peyton Manning at QB with Demaryius Thomas out wide? DeMarcus Ware coming over in the offseason with Elvis Dumervil also on the defensive side? They’ll have their top corner Chris Harris back, who missed the title game and it showed.

2. Kansas City “Our Coach Looks Like the Kool-Aid Guy” Chiefs: RB Jamaal Charles is back, so is the steady QB Alex Smith, but I have doubts about their receiver Dwayne Bowe. Still, their return game is lethal with former Oregon Duck De’Anthony Thomas. I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This kid ran a so-so 40-time and busts this out?! Wow.

3. San Diego “We’re Stuck in Third Place, Again” Chargers: Philip Rivers made a great comeback statistically last year, but they just don’t have as many weapons on offense or stalwarts on defense to stop the Broncos or Chiefs. Sorry Chargers fans.

4. Oakland “The Black Hole Describes This Franchise” Raiders: A gutted team, who let several good players walk and got some so-so ones in return? Never a good sign in the stacked AFC West. Plus, they got the washed up QB Matt Schaub…not good at all.


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