Yes. I’d take Tim Tebow over Brady Quinn any day, everyday

tim tebow

With ESPN’s new SEC Network launching today (where Tebow is an analyst), I want to address the ESPN-hyped topic of Tim Tebow, who should be a backup QB in the NFL over the likes of Brady Quinn and Rex Grossman. Heck, he’s lots better than Bruce Gradkowski. Who? Yeah, I knew it.

So there I said it. Tim Tebow would be my backup quarterback in the NFL if I were a NFL GM. Granted, I would probably get fired, but Tim Tebow is far better than Brady Quinn. Quinn, the Notre Dame star who is just another NFL journeyman QB, just got signed by the Miami Dolphins (who were rumored to sign him when he got drafted in 2007).

You ask, why Tim Tebow over Brady Quinn? The numbers don’t lie.

Here’s what one blogger found when you compared QB’s in their first 15 games


Not bad, Tim Tebow. His career stats? Almost as good. Plus he got the Denver Broncos into the second round of the 2012 playoffs with his odd delivery. He was a proven winner. His stats at

tim tebow stats

He threw for over 1,700 yards in his second year in Denver, but he fumbled the ball 13 times in his last year in Denver. Somehow, he threw for 17 TD’s and only 9 picks. His yard-per-throw was over 6 yards a throw, quite impressive for a limited passing QB.

He was unceremoniously traded to the New York Jets and his career pretty much died, even after he tried to latch on with the New England Patriots. Tebow’s commitment to team-first football sticks with me to this day, especially when he said he’ll play punt protection with the Jets and would think of switching positions if needed. But, he never got his chance and is working for ESPN’s new SEC Network launching this fall. He’s still working out for a shot at a NFL gig, but it’s a long shot even with his stats included.

I mean, look at his workout!

Brady Quinn? Not impressive. He’s been on 5 different teams since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns and couldn’t even throw more yards than Tebow did in his first season. Quinn couldn’t beat Tebow out for a starting gig, and Tebow even out-threw him stats-wise with Quinn throwing for 1,339 yards in 2009 while Tebow threw for 1,729 in 2011. Brady Quinn has thrown more interceptions in his career (17) than touchdown passes (12). His stats, according to

brady quinn stats

Granted, Tebow’s accuracy was atrocious, but he may have needed time to fix his quarterbacking accuracy issues. He somehow still won games. Who can forget Tebow-to-Demaryius Thomas for the game-winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Verdict? Tebow over Quinn, any day.


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