Best Tweets from LeBron’s Return to Cleveland

Here we go! LeBron “The King” James announced, through a very mature and insightful letter via Sports Illustrated, that he will return to his adopted hometown of Cleveland, a stone’s throw away from his actual hometown of Akron.

Twitter and the Internet in general went bonkers. Here are some of the funnier tweets surrounding LeBron’s Decision 2.0:

1. Cavs fan be like…

lebron cleveland stephenson

1A. Drake be like…

lebron cleveland drake

1B. Captain Touchback, a parody account for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and vintage LeBron Cavs jersey

lebron cleveland capt touchback vintage

2. Heat “fan” be like…

lebron cleveland heat fan

3. D-Wade, waking up from his mid-day nap

lebron cleveland wade

4. Katie Nolan, of Fox Sports One, mocking Dan Gilbert’s Comic Sans letter from four years ago. Nice one!

lebron cleveland katie nolan

5. I love it when Sports Illustrated’s Richard Dietsch takes a shot at ESPN’s insane 24/7 coverage of LeBron’s Decision 2.0. Just lovely.

lebron cleveland deitsch

6. Peyton’s Head: A parody account about Peyton Manning’s big head, poking fun at D-Wade

lebron to cleveland peytons head

7. Captain Touchback on Charles Barkley’s reaction about going to meet Cleveland-area women

lebron cleveland capt touchback

8. Kevin Durant to the DMV alert!

lebron cleveland KD to DC

9. Now, I follow this guy on Twitter; he’s a cool dude and an actual, legitimate Heat fan, but we ALL knew this was a short-term, “let me win some rings with D-Wade and Chris Bosh”, win-now approach. The response is perfect, “really dude?”

lebron cleveland miami fan

10. HAHAHA Gabrielle Union is gonna save the Heat and her boy D-Wade

lebron cleveland gabrielle union

10A: Yes, good-bye bandwagon–WOAH THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY

lebron cleveland bandwagon

10B: Whenever you use Leonardo DiCaprio in your meme, I approve. And so true.

lebron cleveland dicaprio


Welcome home, LeBron.


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