#NBA’s Top 5 Draft Propects Part 3: Creighton’s Doug McDermott

In part 3 of our 5 part series on my top 5 NBA draft propects, let’s turn to Creighton shooter Doug McDermott.

doug mcdermott SI

Sports Illustrated resurrected the old Larry Bird cover for their magazine and put McDermott in Bird’s place. That’s an awfully high ceiling, which I doubt will be McDermott’s future, but he is such a great shooter and seems to be a high character guy.

Doug McDermott should be a top-five pick in my opinion. Yes, he is white and not a great defender, but boy he can score. I see him as anything between a Kyler Korver and a Mike Dunleavy, but with some limited post moves. That should get him into the top 5, I would argue. Let’s take a look at a piece on him by Fox Sports One (hat tip to Sheridan Hoops blog for the video):

My favorite quote from the video?

“It takes a lot of practice, but the main thing for me has been patience. As a freshman or sophomore, I was in a huge hurry trying to make the quickest decision possible. But what I’ve learned throughout the years, the more patient you are with the ball, the better look you’re gonna get.”

Some could say he could turn out like Adam Morrison, but taking a shooter high will have that risk. And, he is polished from range, mid-range and can bust out some good post moves, something that Morrison lacked at Gonzaga. So let’s look at McDermott’s stats his senior (and last) year versus Morrison’s junior year (and it was his last at Gonzaga).

doug mcdermott vs cal

So far this season, according to Sports-Reference.com, McDermott is shooting 56% from 2, 44.7% from 3 and 52.2% overall. He is averaging 26.5 points per game, 7.2 rebounds and … 1.6 assists. He is also shooting 86.7% from the free throw line and plays 33.3 minutes per game out of a possible 40.

In 18 conference games in the new Big East, McDermott is scoring 27.7 points per game and collecting 7.1 rebounds. He is shooting 46.3% from 3 point land, 57.8% from 2, and 54.1% from the floor. He shoots 83.8% from the free throw line. And, he is playing an average of 34.6 minutes per game (out of a possible 40).

As Sports-Reference.com showed, Morrison last played for Gonzaga 2005-2006 and that year, he scored 28.1 points per game, 5.5 rebounds and, like McDermott, a dismal 1.7 assists per game. Morrison shot 42.8% from 3, 52.3% from 2 and 49.6% overall. He shot 77% from the free throw line and averaged 36.5 minutes per game.

Compared to Adam Morrison, McDermott is better because he shot a better overall percentage from the floor, better from 3 point land and better from mid-range as well as shot free throws much better. That is why I feel he won’t be a risk at such at a high draft pick and is a complete package.

Here is another take on McDermott, whose nickname is Dougie McBuckets, via NBC’s CollegeBasketballTalk:

“Dougie McBuckets was considered by most to be the consensus National Player of the Year entering the final weekend of the regular season. Then he went out on his Senior Night and scored a career-high 45 points, giving him 3,000 for his career while passing Oscar Robertson and Hersey Hawkins on college basketball’s career scoring list. If it wasn’t a consensus then, it should be now.”

He will most likely win the player of the year award for all of college basketball, and he deserves it. I love this piece by ESPN.com’s Scoop Jackson, where he pointed out how McDermott should go number 1 overall. Here’s one excerpt:

“He’s been scoring more than 20 ppg since 2011-12. Since he entered college, he’s grabbed more than 7 rebounds a game and never shot worse than 50 percent. So this season that he’s having — 26.5 ppg (leads the nation), 7.2 rpg, .522 percent field goal, almost 90 percent free throw, 44.7 percent 3-pointers — is really nothing new.”

Go Dougie McBuckets!


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