#NCAA Football Tour Wish List

We all love football, nothing weird about that. But, the more I thought about it, I wondered which college football stadiums I would love to visit and soak in a game. Here’s what I got for you:

rose bowl sunset

1. Rose Bowl in Pasadena

The Rose Bowl is a magnificent stadium, and has so much football history. You go and watch a Rose Bowl game on television and you just wish you could be there. The latest national championship game was a fantastic end to the BCS and some people said that every NCAA football championship should be played at the Rose Bowl.

The Rose Bowl can seat between 91,000 to 106,000 fans.

the big house

2. The Big House, home of Michigan

This is the biggest collegial football stadium. It was so big that they held a Winter Classic hockey game there and it was packed. The attendance is 110,000 people. Could you imagine how loud that place could get when a game is close (or when the school in Ohio pays a visit to Ann Arbor?).

touchdown jesus and stadium

3. Touchdown Jesus and Notre Dame

You can’t get better than Touchdown Jesus and the history of Notre Dame. Notre Dame’s football team struggled this past year, but did make the championship game versus Alabama the year before. Yes, they got blown out, but Notre Dame is college football in the eyes of some. Plus those shiny, golden helmets gave a new meaning to their nickname of the Golden Domers.

notre dame adidas green

It seats a little over 80,000 fans.

the horseshoe

4. The Horseshoe at Ohio State

The Horseshoe is not only the home of a great football team, but the atmosphere is phenomenal. Their marching band does crazy halftime performances like this:

Their football team is dominant again under coach Urban Meyer and it seats 102,000, behind arch-rival Michigan.

autzen at night

5. Autzen, home of the Oregon Ducks

This has been labeled and called the loudest stadium in all of college football. I remember when several games saw that the decibel level was an astonishing 127.2, which means that it’s past the human pain threshold of 120-130. Announcers could barely hear themselves, let alone make the call. But, it only seats up to 59,000 fans.

The Ducks are a fun and fast-paced offensive team and their great runs in the PAC-12 (stopped short by Stanford) have been fun to watch. Gotta love their uniforms too.

oregon nike green yellow

Honorable mentions:

Ole Miss: The stadium may not be great and neither is the football team, but the tailgating atmosphere at The Grove is a tailgater’s dream.

the grove ole miss

Doak Campbell: The home of the Florida Seminoles was a tough place for ACC teams to play for decades. Until NC State and Philip Rivers beat them, they hadn’t lost any ACC game at home since entering the ACC in the 90s. That Tomahawk Chop is something that you can’t describe:

College Station: The Home of the 12th Man and the Texas A&M Aggies is a great place to watch some college football. The presence of the military cadets makes you proud to be an American, too. But, the coolest part is that the student section does not sit during the game, thus the name “Home of the 12th Man”.

college station 12th man

Fun fact? Texas A&M and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks agreed to share the name copyright some years back.

What do you think of my wish list?


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