Worst College Basketball Courts Ever

Ugh. As soon as Boise State’s football field went blue, we haven’t seen the end of terrible designs of any athletic field or court. Now basketball courts have tried to mimic its ‘Let’s shock your eyes with this monstrosity”. But at least Boise State’s court keeps with their football theme:

boise state court

Oregon’s “Into the Woods” look: What is this, M. Night Shyamalan’s most recent movie? I get the theme, but it looks like you’re lost and looking to the sky in desperation. I love the idea, it does grow on you…but no.

oregon court

San Jose State brings the whole ‘300’ and Spartans thing to life. Take a look:

SJSU court

But Colorado State Rams’ court is a lot worse in my opinion:

csu court

Florida International’s beach look…who approved this?

FIU court

Long Beach State also copied the beach theme, much to the detriment of all fans that go to watch their games.

long beach state court

This whole “everything is bigger in Texas” is getting out of hand, but isn’t as bad as the beach themes. Does Texas or Texas A&M have something to prove? Oh, and I love how Texas A&M one-upped Texas with a bigger picture of the state of Texas.


texas longhorns court

Texas A&M:

texas a&m court

Oh, and the worst NBA court? Milwaukee Bucks. I thought it was glare on my TV:

milwaukee bucks court

What do you think of this list? Fair or foul?


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Fun loving, D.C. area sports fan, which means I'm frustrated and still can't get a grip on what a win truly means (or a championship for that matter).

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