#NBA News: Spurs stay Under the Media Radar, again

spurs big threeBlame the media. The San Antonio Spurs continue to grind out victories and success, two things that many organizations would want to have in a heartbeat. But, the ESPN’s of the world ignore the sustained success of the Spurs because they seem too boring!

Boring? Racking up win after win is boring? Making the NBA Finals last year and barely losing to the Miami Heat, who were on the ropes in Game 6 until this crucial 3 by Ray Allen:

Coach Gregg Popovich is a masterful head coach. He’s been a fixture in San Antonio since 1996, which is a little longer than Tim Duncan’s tenure in San Antonio. His personnel specifically work in his system. Heck, Robert Horry was a key contributor on one team, Steve Kerr shot 3s like he was on the old Michael Jordan-led Bulls and Stephen Jackson made his name by playing with the Spurs. They should’ve had last year’s, if not for Ray Allen’s 3, Danny Green and Gary Neal’s cold streak and ultimately, Manu Ginobli’s historic ineffectiveness.

gregg popovichHe has a lifetime record of 905-423, a winning percentage of 0.681. He is fifth all-time behind Phil Jackson, Boston’s Red Auerbach, Laker’s John Kundla and Pat Riley. He has won four NBA Finals: 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007. Did you remember that? Who are other multiple Finals-winning coaches in the league today? Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat.

Seriously. He’s the only multi-Finals winning coach other than Spoelstra in the coaching ranks. Doc Rivers has won one championship and lost another, Mike Brown has lost one championship in his first stint at Cleveland and Rick Carlisle won one with the Mavericks in 2011. Check Wikipedia.

Pop, as people call him, is not a friendly interviewee on TV. It’s because he feels he should be spending time strategizing and not talking with the media. He wants to win. Take a look at NBA.com’s “Best of Coach Pop” interviews:

And now for Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle pulling a “Pop”:

The Spurs are winning and sit at 11-1. You know if the Heat were 11-1, the media would be talking about the unbeatable Bulls season record of 72 wins in a season. Is winning boring after all?


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