The Monday Night Football Non-Call

gronk non callThe controversy has almost died down, but the non-call between the Patriots-Panthers Monday Night Football game is still alive and well. ESPN’s SportScience’s John Brenkus puts his take on video:

Now, here’s ESPN beat writer Kevin Seifert’s take on it. Some of his main points were how the NFL has legislated almost every possible play that could ever take place in a football game. With these specific rules, where there is either a pass interference penalty or an overthrown/underthrown ball, it is up to the referees to make the right decision.

Some believe it was the right call, considering the ball was intercepted anyway and Gronkowski didn’t act or sell the call well enough. But, as Brenkus said, if Gronkowski was not held and fought through the hold, it would have been tough for his large frame to NOT have caught the ball. But, the call stands and the referees stand by it.

I honestly believed the call was wrong, considering that Panthers middle linebacker Luke Kuechly was bear hugging Gronkowski during the entire play. But, I admit that Gronk didn’t sell the play very well. Yet, did he have to?

Bottom line, it could have gone either way. But, the rule book has outlined every little aspect of the game and did not leave the referees much breathing room to interpret what happened.

Now the Patriots face the Denver Broncos next week and the Panthers have a potential trap game against the Miami Dolphins.


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