#NFL Prospect: Baylor’s Bryce Petty, the Real Scoring Deal

Bryce Petty. If you haven’t heard of his name, then you’re out of the loop. He is definitely a Heisman Trophy-worthy candidate, sitting behind quarterback favorites “Famous Jameis” Winston of Florida State, Texas A&M’s Johnny “Football” Manziel and undefeated Alabama’s AJ McCarron.

bryce petty TD

He’s the dynamic dual-threat quarterback leading the Baylor Bears, the alma mater of NFL starting quarterback Robert Griffin III, that has scored an average of 61 points per game and is matching Oregon Ducks in their quick, 2-minute touchdown pace.

They have only scored under 50 points in a game, TWICE. A 35-25 shootout vs. Kansas State and a 41-12 drubbing of Oklahoma. Petty is completing passes at a 66.8%, a crazy average of 13 yards per pass completion, 2,657 yards passing with 21 TD’s and only 1 interception.

Here are his 2013 season stats, per ESPN:

2013 135 202 2657 66.8 13.15 93 21 1 6 210.6

Here is a game-by-game look at his season (also from ESPN):

8/31 Wofford 69-3 19 24 312 79.2 44 2 0 215.9
9/7 Buffalo 70-13 13 16 338 81.3 83 2 0 300.0
9/21 Louisiana-Monroe 70-7 18 27 351 66.7 65 4 0 224.8
10/5 West Virginia 73-42 17 25 347 68.0 61 2 1 203.0
10/12 @Kansas State 35-25 12 21 332 57.1 93 3 0 237.1
10/19 Iowa State 71-7 23 31 343 74.2 42 2 0 188.4
10/26 @Kansas 59-14 20 32 430 62.5 62 3 0 206.3
11/7 Oklahoma 41-12 13 26 204 50.0 39 3 0 154.0

Here are the highlights of Baylor vs. Oklahoma:

He can throw short routes, middle routes and the deep ball. When pressured, Petty can step up in the pocket, keep the play alive and even run for yardage. But, as a junior, he still has much to improve on and is far from perfect.

So what’s the bad? Versus Oklahoma, he struggled with pocket pressure in the first half. He did scrambled for a first down or two with his feet on designed read-option draws. But, he overthrew a deep ball and barely got off a couple middle yardage routes. Petty needs line protection, that’s a given for any quarterback, but he does better against sagging zone coverage that gives him an opportunity to get rid of the football quickly. Man coverage makes him hold the ball longer than he’s used to.

His footwork is as good as any read-option quarterback, which isn’t saying much. This is why he struggles to find accuracy on some of his deep balls because he is shifting in the pocket, sliding away from pressure and throwing without completely getting his feet set.

To check it out for yourself, go to: http://draftbreakdown.com/video/bryce-petty-vs-oklahoma-2013/

I still pick him over Marcus Mariota, the star Oregon Ducks quarterback, because he has better arm strength even without getting his feet set. Mariota struggles when the running game isn’t going his way.

But, Petty is a great read-option college quarterback. How is this guy STILL not on everyone’s radar?


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