#CBB’s Big Least, er, Big East: Basketball Only

This is how the Big East feels right now, after losing the likes of Notre Dame, Syracuse, Louisville and Pittsburgh this past year!

sad face

The Big L(east) is back in business, although it is now a basketball-only league after the eviction of the non-Catholic private universities. Who stayed behind in the new-look, depleted Big East?

  • Marquette
  • Georgetown
  • Villanova
  • Seton Hall
  • St. John’s
  • Providence
  • DePaul

Who did they lose? And where?

The ACC poached:

  • Notre Dame (on a partial basis)
  • Syracuse
  • Pittsburgh

The new American Athletic Conference took:

  • Louisville
  • Cincinnati
  • Rutgers
  • UConn
  • South Florida

Who are the new guys in the Big East?

  • Butler (from the Horizon League)
  • Xavier (from the Atlantic 10)
  • Creighton (from the Missouri Valley Conference)

The purge was a good one, though, for basketball purposes. Marquette is a heavy favorite to win the conference, with previously unknown (and famous hoarse) Buzz Williams recruiting fast, physical specimens for his team. Georgetown comes next, reloaded with top talent but has to get past the first round of March Madness to make people believe in them (they have lost to the likes of Ohio in the first round!).

butler gordon hayward

The additions of basketball mid-major powerhouses Butler (which made two CONSECUTIVE championship finals), Creighton and Xavier is a great addition. In my honest opinion? Highly underrated acquisitions.

Yes, Butler coach Brad Stevens is with the NBA’s Boston Celtics but Butler still has good talent. Creighton has one of the top shooters and players in the nation on their squad too in Doug McDermott. Xavier always has quick and athletic guard play. Don’t count out these former mid-majors.

If any conference had five good teams coming out of the gate, you would have thought it’d be the ACC or the B1G Ten or Pac-12. Nope, it’s the Big East.

This will be one heckuva basketball year for this conference and could contend with the better teams in the nation. Watch out everyone!


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Fun loving, D.C. area sports fan, which means I'm frustrated and still can't get a grip on what a win truly means (or a championship for that matter).

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