The New SEC: Unstoppable (in Football)

The not-so-new-look SEC is almost unstoppable, in football that is. Top-down, it is one of the most brutal, toughest conferences in all of college football. Here’s the breakdown of SEC championships in the last decade (per

2012 Alabama BCS
2011 Alabama BCS
2010 Auburn BCS
2009 Alabama BCS
2008 Florida BCS
2007 Louisiana State BCS
2006 Florida BCS
2005 Texas BCS
2004 Southern California BCS
2003 Louisiana State, Southern California BCS, AP, FWAA

Since 2003, 7 of the last 10 NCAA BCS champions have come from the SEC. Alabama, of the SEC West, has won 3 out of the last 4. Florida, out of the SEC East, won 2 of 3 between 2006-2008. Auburn and LSU, other SEC West members, also won 1 apiece.

nick saban trophyNotice that there were only 2 USC wins (they shared it with LSU in 2003 but won the title game) and 1 time Texas was the national champion. There is no B1G Ten or ACC champion in the last decade (Ohio State and Miami were the last ones in the late 1990s and early 2000s).

The conference realignment really benefitted and strengthened the SEC top-to-bottom. So far, Missouri has surprised everyone in the weaker SEC East division to lead your typical suspects like South Carolina or Georgia.

johnny footballTexas A&M surprised everyone in the 2012 season with their phenomenal QB in Johnny “Football” Manziel torching Alabama. That was Alabama’s sole loss on the entire season as they went on to win the championship.

But, the SEC East hasn’t beaten the West at all. Their winning percentage against the West? A paltry 0.444 in the past several years (per ESPN the Mag). So, the title goes through the SEC West for now and the new additions Missouri and Texas A&M have raised the profile of this conference.

The SEC has a new conference network with ESPN in a 20-year deal that is worth at least $2.25 billion. Show me the money!


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