Is “Famous Jameis” Worth All The Hype? #NFL would say YES!

At the beginning of the season people have set some decent expectations for this freak athlete. Then he comes out and completes 25 out of 27 passes for 356 yards and 0 picks. Some seriously mind-blowing stats put up by a redshirt freshman. Week after week this kid performed and seemed to be getting better every game.

What sets him apart is his talent and preparation. He checks down his receivers and if needed, tucks the ball for necessary yardage. His touch is NFL-quality and NFL-caliber, and although he squints to get play calls from the sideline, he is a heavy favorite for the Heisman trophy.

Here’s a breakdown of one of his passes against Clemson on the road, up 17-7 in the 2nd quarter:

1. Winston hikes the ball, takes a 5-step drop and looks at his WR on the far right. Note where the arrow is pointing to where his eyes are looking:

screenshot FSUClemson winston dropback

2. Then, he checks down to his 2nd WR option across the field. Again, note how he checked down to his 2nd option on the right side:

screenshot FSUClemson winston checkdown

3. He throws a laser to the 2nd WR (Rashad Greene), who makes a move and takes it to the house 72 yards to make it 23-7. FSU never looked back after that.

screenshot FSUClemson winston throw

Compare it to Tajh Boyd, who has great numbers, but disappeared in this game. Here’s one of Boyd’s errant passes:

1. Boyd sits in the pocket and looks at his first option on the right side:

screenshot FSUClemson Boyd dropback

2. Then, he checks down to his H-back, who should be wide open on a corner route:

screenshot FSUClemson Boyd checkdown

3. Boyd throws it to where his H-back should be open in the corner route, but did not look off the FSU CB LaMarcus Joyner, who moved into the passing lane and got the pick:

screenshot FSUClemson Boyd corner

Here’s another view of the pick. Big oval is where the ball should be and the route the H-back was running, and the second, smaller oval is where the ball was thrown:

screenshot FSUClemson Boyd INT

Now we see how Jameis Winston compared to Tajh Boyd in a big game with national title implications, and Winston didn’t flinch.

And, with that, the legend of “Famous Jameis” Winston continues to grow.


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