ACC Football: FSU and Everyone Else

The ACC football hype should apply only to Florida State Seminoles and no one else. Why? They’re the class of the conference by far. They steamrolled any team they faced, like Clemson (who was at home):

Florida State has wiped the smiles off of every opponent they’ve faced this season. Maryland was ranked no.25 until FSU beat them down in a 63-0 blowout at home. Then-no.6 Clemson got a home visit from the Seminoles and went down in flames 51-14. A ranked Miami Hurricanes team saw its conference title hopes take a step backward when FSU pulled out a win late but in dominating fashion 41-14.

FSU has outscored its opponents by a phenomenal 468-108. And, their redshirt freshman QB Jameis Winston has a 99.6% third-down conversion rate.

Here’s how the standings look like this year in the ACC:

ACC standings 2013

With an Oregon loss to Stanford, now the Seminoles are in the driver’s seat for the final BCS title game.

And, their realignment with Pittsburgh and Syracuse helped deepen their basketball schedule. Louisville and the partial addition of Notre Dame will no doubt help both football and basketball depth.


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