ShotClockBlog’s Weekend 5 Fun Facts: #NBA, #NFL

Just in time for the weekend, here are 5 fun facts for this weekend:

anthony bennett

1. Anthony Bennett, the number 1 NBA draft pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has FIVE points in his first SIX career NBA games. Per Elias, that’s the fewest by any no. 1 overall pick in the common draft era.

Per ESPN, he’s shooting a phenomenal….5% from the floor, 0.91% from 3, 50% at the free throw line. That’s really bad, folks.

2. The Philadelphia 76ers are 4-2. Yes, I repeat, 4-2. Who said anything about tanking? As my brother Steven pointed out here, no one from the Sixers ever said anything publicly about tanking. No one really should say it aloud, but giving a semi-long term deal to former Spurs and top Gregg Popovich assistant Brett Brown meant they want to win.

3. University of Kentucky’s 2013 basketball team has NINE freshman on their roster out of a total of…16 players. 3 juniors, 2 seniors (1 redshirt) and 2 sophomores. Coach Calipari got this whole “one-and-done” thing down PAT.

4. Teams that do not pay the NBA’s luxury tax actually make the NBA Finals…but with one major caveat: Few win at that level (2006-07 Cavaliers, 2008-09 Magic, 2010-11 Heat, 2011-12 Thunder, 2012-13 Spurs). said only the 2005-06 Miami Heat won the title without paying the luxury tax.

But there writers were upset because…Bill Simmons used this to call the Oklahoma City Thunder cheapskates, so there is bias in that article.

But overall, Bill Simmons, your point is partly-true.

5. How could I forget about football?! The Denver Broncos, even with their recent struggles, are the overall odds-on favorite to win this year’s Super Bowl by Las Vegas oddsmakers at 5-to-1 odds.

Then it’s the Seattle Seahawks at 4-to-1 odds and the San Francisco 49ers at 9-to-2 odds.


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