Around the Horn’s Kevin Blackistone calls National Anthem a “War Anthem”

Since when has ESPN’s Around the Horn panelist Kevin Blackistone a history buff? In yesterday’s Around the Horn discussion of Northwestern University’s football uniforms, which are in patriotic colors to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, University of Maryland journalism professor Kevin Blackistone called the American national anthem a “war anthem”. The issue was whether the blood-stained splatter on the uniform was necessary or not. Check out this clip from the show (courtesy of Truth Revolt):

Take a look at the Northwestern uniforms for yourself and think to yourself, is this offensive?

northwestern uniforms

But, does Blackistone need a history lesson? The American Revolution was not bloodless, but was bloody. Of course the national anthem will refer to the greatest event in American history, where colonists rose up and resisted a tyrannical British monarchy to set up a republican democracy (although it was a hodge-podge confederation to start). Since when has a revolution or independence movement been bloodless? Would King George III have given the American colonists a free pass and let them secede from his mighty empire with a simple Declaration of Independence? No, he actually did not (as history showed).

Blackistone’s remarks dishonor the memories of those who fought in the Revolutionary War and in the wars since, as well as everyone that recites and sings the national anthem. And, Tony Reali did a poor job in taking Blackistone’s remarks. But, fellow panelists Frank Isola and Jackie MacMullan said the uniforms were great, except for the splatter.

This is problem with many academics and powerful journalists. They think they know it all and that they’re better than you. They can introduce their revisionist history as proven fact, but in reality it is anything far from it.

Now it begs the question whether Blackistone recites the Pledge of Allegiance or even sings the national anthem at ball games.

What’s your take on this?


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