What’s Next: MLB Offseason

Here’s our MLB Offseason kickoff! Here are 7 Burning Questions for this Offseason:

1. Will the Red Sox repeat?

2. Will the rookie managers Brad Ausmus in Detroit, Matt Williams in D.C., pan out and bring lightning in a bottle for those franchises?

3. Can the Texas Rangers find a cure for late-season slumps? Or is manager Ron Washington done?

ron washington

4. How can New York Yankee manager Joe Girardi rebuild the Yankees? Will GM Brian Cashman ever develop their farm system for Girardi?

5. Can Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton ever live up to their blockbuster contracts in Anaheim?

6. Does Terry Francona have enough pieces to make a deeper playoff run in Cleveland?

7. Will the Mariners be relevant? They have two great pitchers in King Felix and Iwakuma, but where is their hitting? And who will be their manager? But who’ll back up the King’s perfect game performance?!

Short answer: Who knows. But here are some of my best guesses:

1. No, it’ll be really hard. We haven’t seen back-to-back champions since the glory days of the Yankees. No, seriously, check this (per ESPN.com):

MLB World Series Winners
2013 Boston Red Sox St. Louis Cardinals 4-2
2012 San Francisco Giants Detroit Tigers 4-0
2011 St. Louis Cardinals Texas Rangers 4-3
2010 San Francisco Giants Texas Rangers 4-1
2009 New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies 4-2
2008 Philadelphia Phillies Tampa Bay Rays 4-1
2007 Boston Red Sox Colorado Rockies 4-0
2006 St. Louis Cardinals Detroit Tigers 4-1
2005 Chicago White Sox Houston Astros 4-0
2004 Boston Red Sox St. Louis Cardinals 4-0
2003 Florida Marlins New York Yankees 4-2
2002 Anaheim Angels San Francisco Giants 4-3
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks New York Yankees 4-3
2000 New York Yankees New York Mets 4-1
1999 New York Yankees Atlanta Braves 4-0
1998 New York Yankees San Diego Padres 4-0

2. Ausmus has been retired for 3 years, Williams since 2003. But will they rock the boat or continue franchise stability?

3. The Rangers have to find an answer this offseason. I would say Ron has to be replaced, but the clubhouse loves him. I don’t know the answer for the Rangers. Nolan Ryan’s retirement from the front office will give the organization a time for reflection and change. So close, yet so far, like in Game 6 in 2011.

nelson cruz game 6 error

4. The Yankees have to rebuild from the ground up and I think Cashman is on that train. Girardi, not so much, but he did one heckuva job last year. He won’t get lucky twice.

5. No, Pujols and Hamilton won’t live up to their contracts. No one can at a combined price of $365 million between the two.

6. Francona led a rambunctious clubhouse in Boston to the World Series, why can’t he do the same in Cleveland? Cleveland hadn’t been this enthusiastic since their World Series loss to the Florida Marlins in 1997. I mean, what a great group, right?

7. Seattle has to hire a non-Cleveland manager to make this work. Their front office has to do their homework and ownership has to invest in the team. Short answer is no, unless their new manager has good pieces.

Now, what does the schedule look like?

  • Winter meetings December 9-12.
  • Then off to the MLB draft, who has rounds that go off into the infinities that no one really pays attention to. None of this “Oh, the 13th round pick? Oh I love that guy!” nonsense. Well, for most of you, if you actually study that, power to you.
  • And spring baseball in March!

See? Didn’t take that long, oh wait, it will take long. Hang in there!

Do you have any questions, just let us know and comment below!


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