Why Firing Coaches Suck: Pay the Man!

As analyst and legendary NFL cornerback Deion “Primetime” says on NFL GameDay, “pay the man!” Usually it applies to players, whose careers can be cut short by injuries, but it also applies to head coaches at every level!

schiano and freeman

Now that the college football and NFL seasons are at least halfway through, calls for head coaches and their staff to be fired are spreading like wildfire. Who are some coaches on the hot list?

1. Greg Schiano (NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

2. Mike London (NCAA’s University of Virginia)

3. Tom Coughlin (NFL’s New York Giants)

4. Mike Munchak (NFL’s Tennessee Titans)

5. Chip Kelly (NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles)

Schiano – The former football head coach at Rutgers that coached up Ray Rice (now in Baltimore making dough) has made enemies of everyone in Tampa Bay. He drove out their franchise QB in Josh Freeman to start Mike Glennon. Schiano missed out on recruiting Glennon at Rutgers (he went to North Carolina State).

Now at 0-8, Schiano believed the Bucs are the best winless team out there. And their breakdown and utter collapse at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks (they were up two touchdowns and some in the first half) does not make the hot seat any cooler.

Heck, not even Tom Coughlin likes Greg Schiano (low volume audio so turn it up):

London – The NCAA’s ACC Coach of the Year has had two consecutive losing seasons in a row. He was signed to an expensive extension after his recent success. Firing him would cost up to $12 million over the next two years, money that Virginia does not have (but Alabama or Texas would have). An overall 18- 27 record is not head coach-worthy.

This season? Virginia is 2-7 and going down.

tom coughlin

Coughlin – You’d think the Giants’ head coach would be ok from all that criticism. Heck, he won 2 Super Bowls with an ok-QB in Eli Manning. But no, this is the Big Apple and all the lights are on you as the Giants head coach.

An 0-6 start turned heads as the Giants kept telling the media and fans that they’re ok. Now they have 1 win and yet, are in the race for the NFC East title. Giants fans will give him time as he has no consistent RB and a terrible offensive line.

mike munchak

Munchak – You would think the Titans management would understand they’re not a championship-caliber team yet, with a still-learning Jake Locker at QB. Nope, he’s on the hot seat apparently. An overall 18-21 record as head coach has led to calls for his firing. If his best WR is Kenny Britt (who has been trade bait and has a series of off-field problems), this team should not be a frontrunner for any title.

Kelly – The offensive-minded Chip Kelly, meet the NFL. NFL, meet Chip Kelly.

Kelly’s rookie season is making some think that maybe he should have stayed at Oregon and in the college ranks. Although the Eagles’ offense was prolific but inconsistent under Mike Vick, backups Nick Foles and Matt Barkley shifted the Eagles into reverse.

Foles had a breakout game with 7 TD’s vs. a porous Oakland Raiders defense, which has led some to speculate that Kelly’s offense is on the rebound. And, somehow, the Eagles are competing for the NFC East title at 4-5. But, inconsistency has plagued the Eagles all season and owner Jeff Lurie said they need a franchise quarterback for sure. So he’s on a semi-hot seat. Next year will be much tougher for him.


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