MLB Post-Postseason: What Just Happened?

The World Series was won by the Boston Red Sox in 6 games. Hats off to Boston for a great and remarkable turnaround. They went from worst to first in no time.

koji uehara

So here’s how the season ended:

  • World Series Champs: Boston Red Sox
  • Runners-up: St. Louis You-Broke-My-Heart Cardinals (in 2012)
  • Runners-Runners-up: Detroit Tigers, Oakland A’s, Tampa Rays, LA Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves

Sorry guys, no trophies for you (except for the Red Sox). But I wish closer Koji Uehara’s son could get a trophy for this awesome interview:

Let’s recap:

  • Red Sox bookended their World Series with two absolute dominating pitching and hitting performances, both at Fenway.
  • They won for the first time in 95 years in a series-clinching home game at Fenway.
  • David “Big Papi” Ortiz had an unconscious World Series. Who hits over .600 in a World Series?! Plus he barely missed out on a grand slam to right field earlier in the series.
  • Michael Wacha, the young STL pitching phenom, was human. And, making matters worse, manager Mike Matheny goofed with several decisions related to pitching. Dusty Baker-esque.
  • John Farrell, the rookie manager for the Red Sox, did nearly cost the Red Sox the series by having a pitcher hit instead of one of his red-hot hitters off the bench late.
  • The Cardinals finally suffered karma for beating my beloved Nationals last postseason, coming back from a six-run deficit to deflate the nation’s capital.

The race for the wild-card was a fantastic finish. Tampa won a tough road game at Cleveland to make it to Fenway and get blown out of the water (after spending the end of the season on the road). The Nationals were oh-so-1.5-games-close to getting the second and final wild card spot. Three teams from the NL Central made the playoffs: Cardinals, Reds and Pirates.

The Yankees didn’t make it, neither did the Baltimore Orioles. The Texas Rangers lost their mojo down the stretch and Nelson Cruz to PED’s.

Now to the offseason! Our Offseason kickoff is coming tomorrow so stay posted!


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