JaVale McGee: Made for Shaqtin’ a Fool

I swear JaVale McGee is the reason that TNT’s Inside the NBA crew has a Shaqtin’ a Fool segment on TV. I swear he’s in every Shaqtin’ a Fool segment every time they roll it.

This time, he made number 5. By my own count, JaVale has been in at least 18 Shaqtin’ a Fool segments.

Yet, regardless of these blunders, teams like the Wizards and the Nuggets stick with him because he has “potential”. But how much longer will NBA teams wait on this potential to emerge from continual clumsiness?

He’s a 25-year-old NBA center and has yet to prove his head is in the game 24/7, or at least a quarter at a time.

My all-time favorite? This one:


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Fun loving, D.C. area sports fan, which means I'm frustrated and still can't get a grip on what a win truly means (or a championship for that matter).

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